MURDERS - SUICIDES The Temple on blood of muscovites -
Murders, attempts of murder, failure accomplished with application the Psichotronic weapon

About that I have tested itself it is possible to read in section " 1998 " in a site of The TEMPLE on blood of muscovites
Some additions.
The first attempt have applied to me in May 1995, after the reference to deputies of the Moscow Municipal Duma on Luzhkov''s economic crime. Autofailure has been arranged. I took the helm machines.
Influence last 10-15 minutes. But a main effect - about one minute. After turn from street of the Youth on street Veshnjakovskaja, began rise on the bridge aside area Novogireevo on small speed, about 40 km / hour. I started to lose coordination. First a rudder has withdrawn to the left on 0,5 - 1 meter, and I have collided passing machine " Zhigulis ", then a rudder have led to the right on meter, then again to the left and again I have collided{faced} the same machine. After that I at once began to brake and have tried to approach on edge of the bridge and to stop.
My condition was restored, the unpleasant condition after easy failure was already simple.
The similar situation with me then was in June 1996 in area Kuzminki on a fork of road but then counter machines were not, and that machine that was for me (probably there and there were executors) has gone after a fork to other side.


That applied to my family in the apartment in May - June 1996, is written in a site of TEMPLE on blood of muscovites , in section " 1998 " (the reference to B.Eltsin)
In circulation to B.Eltsin, in 98 year, and in this occasion, it was spoken about my apartment - 9 floor in the 12-storeyed house .
In article ANGELS AND DEMONS of FSB of the newspaper "Tomorrow", published in 1999 (that is a year after) it is spoken about the same apartment: you, we admit, live on the ninth floor of a 12-storeyed house. On an attic the special irradiator which provides carrying out of experiment with you and your neighbours is established
In July 96 on 5 channel of TV of TV (SPb) was transfer on a theme about the Psichotronic weapon. I have written on TV about the facts. As similar correspondence of FSB supervises, attempts of application Psichotronic actions to my family have stopped.


That has taken place with my comrade, living in area Kapotnya.
Almost week in the evenings, up to 4-5 o''clock in the morning could not sleep. Tested a nervous, heavy condition. About it complained to comrades. Thus his son did not test in the next room anything similar.
A week later this person has not sustained, was hung up on a balcony on a linen cord. The tense cord has not been torn off, the suicide with force has braided a cord in a loop.
After death of comrade, and conversation with his another familiar, I have written to Office of Public Prosecutor and other organizations.
Business have transferred for investigation to the local (!) militiaman. Business is closed. (the APPENDIX)


In area Lefortovo. The familiar family of active workers opposed linings Luzhkov of the third motor transportation ring through Lefortovo park.
The wife was threw out from a window of the fourth floor (1999). Too under very strange circumstances.


One more last known analogue.
The head of "Shtern-cement" has committed suicide. To the newspaper of "News"(Izvestia), on August, 12, 2002
(INTEKO) has bought cement
The probable customer of "suicide" of the head of Joint-Stock Company " Shtern-cement " - E. Baturina, wife Luzhkov.


All this - work Moscow UFSB under the order of a mafia of mayor Luzhkov


Beljaev Vladimir Mihajlovich

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